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Aircraft Fuselage Move. Carrapateena


MAX was engaged by Oz Minerals to move an aircraft fuselage and one wing from Adelaide airport to the Oz Minerals site at Carrapateena. Once transported to Carrapateena, they were pieced back together and will be used for fire and rescue training by the Emergency Services team at the Carrapateena airport.

MAX provided Oz Minerals with a complete end to end solution – an initial consultation and feasibility study, route survey, loading of the aircraft and wing, transport using a specialised modular trailer with 8-axle steering, road access permits, both MAX and police escorts and the unloading and placement of the aircraft and its wing once on site.

MAX utilised its TRT modular trailer to provide 27m of clear deck space for the aircraft fuselage. The trailer arrived on site in a 4×8 configuration and the trailer was then assembled to its full length in less than 3hrs. Although this job did not require the trailer to carry a particularly heavy load, it did make use of the trailers’ exceptional manoeuvrability which is due to its fully electronic steering.

Total length on the road – 36.7m
Width – 3.7m
Height – 5.3m

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