Our Values

Safety at MAX Services

1. Safety

  • Fostering a safety culture where we feel safe to identify and express concerns
  • Promoting a safe environment both mentally and physically
  • Taking responsibility for the safety of our co-workers in addition to ourselves
Teamwork MAX Services

2. Teamwork

  • Making decisions with a focus on what’s best for the team, not for individual achievement
  • Proactively offering assistance and support to co-workers and new team members
  • Promoting teamwork by focusing on things that bring us together
  • Acting as a positive role model for everyone on our team
  • Placing organisational goals above personal and departmental objectives
Attitude MAX Services

3. Attitude

  • Maintaining a positive outlook and striving to see the opportunity in all situations
  • Open-minded and flexible with new ways of doing things
  • Persisting to overcome challenges, setbacks and obstacles–CAN-DO-CAPABILITY
  • Demonstrating composure in stressful situations and succeeding under pressure
  • Taking ownership
Respect MAX Services

4. Respect

  • Listening attentively
  • Communications are timely, concise, and respectful
  • Maintaining a positive, encouraging and respectful attitude towards co-workers and clients
  • Embracing and respecting colleagues job roles and accountabilities
  • Demonstrating high levels of respect to MAX equipment and assets
  • Consistently respecting our appearance, clothing and health
Integrity MAX Services

5. Integrity

  • Understanding and promoting MAX Policies and Procedures
  • Building and demonstrating high levels of trust and reliability within MAX and toward clients and external stakeholders
  • Doing the right thing, regardless of the situation or external pressures
  • Demonstrating responsibility and accountability of our actions and behaviours
  • Practicing and encouraging open and honest communication

Can-Do Capability

Our clients are developing and operating high-value, critical infrastructure projects in a market saturated with companies of varying scales and diverse equipment profiles. In this environment of increased risk and uncertainty our clients are looking for a strong assurance of project capability. Our Can-Do Capability – comprising people, equipment and skills – provides the trust and certainty of getting the job done.

Can-Do Capability MAX Building Australia

Quality & Safety Systems

ISO CertificationsMAX is proud to have received international and Australian quality and safety management systems certification ISO 9001:2015 and 45001:2018.


All systems are audited by authorised independent parties, demonstrating continuous improvement and adherence to national standards of safety and quality.

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